Can you remember the last time you walked into a home and were amazed at the wall treatments, paint finishes, faux painting or Venetian plaster on display? Would you like your home to look like the ones you see in Architectural Digest or Dwell? Custom paint jobs by Precise Painting delivers that “Wow” factor that will take your home to a new level.

Venetian Plaster, Faux Painting and More

Your home is an extension of your unique personality, and high-quality, custom paint jobs by Precise Painting are the perfect way to add your own creative touches to your walls. Our custom decorative painting specialists have decades of experience with a wide range of artistic painting projects, making us your source for an array of custom designs, textures and much more.

From simple, one-layer paint finishes to complex, multi-layer Venetian plaster effects, Precise Painting pays attention to detail and provides superior workmanship—the keys to a successful project and your complete satisfaction. We have the talent to produce decorative faux painting techniques and paint finishes that will amaze and astound. With a wide variety of decorative plasters, and faux painting techniques, the combinations of colors, application techniques, sheens and textures are limited only by your creativity.

Starting with a one-on-one consultation, we will work with you to gain a thorough and precise understanding of your exact vision for your custom job. Once we fully understand the look you’re trying to accomplish, we use our expertise with faux painting and paint finishes to determine the most cost-effective strategy to achieve your vision.

Are you ready to add that something special to your home? Call us today at 732-842-0077 today to discover the possibilities.