Thinking about removing wallpaper? Removing wallpaper before painting or before wallpaper installation is a tough job, but it doesn’t have to be. As a professional wallpaper removal company and wallpaper hanger, we can help you with this tedious task—not only saving you time and hassle, but ensuring the job is done right.

Removing Wallpaper Takes a Professional Touch

Have you tried to remove wallpaper yourself? Best case scenario, the wallpaper comes off in large sections. Usual scenario, it comes off in hundreds of tiny pieces. That’s because wallpaper only comes off if the wallpaper installation included proper preparation on the front end for good adhesion.

At Precise Painting, we carefully protect everything in your home when removing wallpaper, use a variety of techniques and tools to remove wallpaper and glue; repair any hidden drywall damage to make painting or installation of wallpaper easier. We’re also professional wallpaper hangers! Precise Painting can work with a variety of wall coverings, including grass cloth, vinyl, murals, and traditional papers. We make sure to cover electrical plates and thermostats.

If you’re ready for a beautiful, long-lasting paint projects or wallpaper removal, leave your walls to us! Learn more or get a free estimate by calling 732-842-0077.